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Topics: Water supply, Water, Water resources Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: October 2, 2013
Water Supply and Demand in Kathmandu
Principle of Management,
8th April, 2013.
Water Supply
In this presentation we will be talking about the Water supply in Kathmandu Valley. We found the total demand and supply of water was unequal. Due to over population in Kathmandu we are facing shortage in water supply. The main sources of water are from wells, rivers, tube wells (under ground water). Since there is shortage in water supply many people have their own private underground water like well, tube wells etc due to this the level of water is decreasing day by day. Due to change in climate it also affect in water resources, we find plenty of water during summer but in rainy season the level of water is high in compare with summer and in winter the level of water is reduced as a result we need to find alternative sources for water. To fulfill the needs of people we have to collect and store the water in winter season equivalent to Phewa Lake in Pokhara. We also learned about the water channel which flows in the Kathmandu valley. The water channels are spread under main areas of Kathmandu valley. The other area which are outside the Kathmandu valley are not able to get water which are distributed by KUKL, they only provided the water to their respective VDC or Municipality.

Water is the basic needs for human being .We cannot live our life without water. Our country Nepal is the world’s 2nd richest country in water resources. There are More than 6000 rivers in Nepal, even though resources cannot be able to utilize them properly. Most of the Nepalese people living in Kathmandu valley are facing problem of insufficient water supply daily. The total demand for water in Kathmandu is 350 million litre per day and the total supply in dry season is 67 million litre per day and 115 million litre per day in wet season. There is more supply of water in rainy season, but there is less water supply in dry season. Demand for...
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