Water Shortage

Topics: Agriculture, Water crisis, Water resources Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: November 21, 2012
Question: Evaluate viable solutions to the problem of water shortage in Australia.

Water is the resource which is under increasing stress for most countries, especially for the developing countries. Australia is one of the experiencing typical water shortage countries. In Australia, in the recent years, water scarcity is a controversial and high-concerned issue since the global warming, land desertification, population growth, increasing use of hydropower and irrigation factors have intensified the water shortage phenomenon and affected the life quality of citizens. This essay will evaluate viable solutions to the problem of water shortage in Australia. It will examine the recycling water approach and changing the agriculture cultivating methods to address the problem.

Firstly, the recycling water approach is a current useful strategy to help Australian to alleviate the water shortage pressure. Recycling water is the water that has been derived from sewerage systems or industry processes and has been treated to a standard safety level for usage. This water recycling approach is a viable and useful method as the wastewater resource is undefined and this method can provide the sustainable water supply for industries and daily life usage. Furthermore, recycling water system costs less expenditure than other methods and it can take the long term profit. Therefore, recycling water is a efficient approach to help the Australia government to address the water scarcity.

Another alleviation strategy should be changing the agriculture cultivating methods. As research showed that nearly 91% of water consumption in Australia is used for irrigation, changing the agriculture growing way from hydrological style to low water demand farming form is essential. In addition, the new farming form can also take high economic profits because it rely on less water and increase product quantities. Therefore, changing the farming methods is another important strategy to...
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