Water Resource Problems

Topics: Water, Sewage treatment, Toilet Pages: 3 (1214 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Chapter 11: Provide a detailed response to the odd “Critical Thinking” questions (page 273).

1. What do you believe are the three most important priorities for dealing with the water resource problems of the Colorado River basin, as discussed in the Core Case Study that opens this chapter? Explain your choices. As mentioned at the end of the Core Case Study, “emerging shortages of water for drinking and irrigation in many parts of the world” (which this particular river supplies to seven different states – which I was unaware of) and water pollution problems. Also the related problems of biodiversity loss and projected climate change would be the three highest priorities that are to be faced. We need to keep in consideration that this river is in a hot zone. There is desert surrounding it on both sides. I live in Arizona, which I know that this water supplies our state as well. During summer we are in what is called a drought – we are asked to try to use less water (even though we have the access and resources are not cut off). Water pollution is also a major hit – if the water is continually polluted is use more resources to filter and cleanse this water. If people started to think of little things that they can do to help protect our resources and use those that we have wisely, it would all add up to a major save. This would lead to us having additional resources and the ability to ensure that they last longer. 3. Explain why you are for or against (a) raising the price of water while providing lower lifeline rates for the poor and lower-middle class, (b) withdrawing government subsidies that provide farmers with water at low cost, and (c) providing government subsidies to farmers for improving irrigation efficiency. (a) Against – I think that we should raise the rates across the board – same prices for all people. I think that the lower class individuals receive enough assistance through DES with Food Stamps, Cash Assistance, Welfare Checks, Section 8...
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