water properties

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water exists in liquid, solid, and gaseous states water referred to universal solvent ( bipolar molecule enables it to dissolve a wide variety of substances) ice floats ( temperatures drop molecules come together as a solid, elections repell (the molecules get less close thus making the ice have less density than water. If this did not occur ice could sink and destroy living organism. (sea animals)
Thermal properties
Water resist temperature change, due to high specific heat which in turn helps our body (70% water) keeps the water from overheating or freezing.
The ability to take in a material
The tendency of water to stick to other substances
The ability of a fluid to exert an upward force on an object that is immersed in the fluid
Capillary Action
The process that moves water through a narrow porous space (cohesion helps the transfer of water up through fibers of plants) Needed for plants to survive
The attractive force between water molecules or the tendency of water molecule to stick to other water molecules ( water because of hydrogen bonds. provides capillary action, helps water to move up the xylem of plant)
The amount of mass of a substance per unit volume that determines whether an object will sink or float
Does not allow water to move through
Does not dissolve
The ability to be dissolved in another substance
Having pores or opening that allow water (other liquids) to flow through them
Surface Tension
The force that acts on the particles at the surface of a material
molecules that have a concentration of negative charge on one end of the molecule and a concentration of positive charge on the other end
Mixture of water and nondissolved materials.
Does the dissolving
Is being dissolved.

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