Water Pollution

Topics: Petroleum, Water, Oil spill Pages: 7 (3029 words) Published: May 14, 2005
Water pollution and pollution in general is a problem that people don't like to deal with. Water pollution can cause so much damage to people and to the animals that live in that body of water. The laws that we have are doing what they need to but we need to monitor the water more closely because if we don't catch the pollution when it happens it could cause a big disaster. It could kill all of the plant life that lives in the water and the animals that live there to. Some of the pollutions that occur are very hard to clean up and things might never be the same that it was. To clean something up it takes a lot of hours and a lot of man power to get this mess taken care of. Water pollution could be the cause of some animals being endangered. The government needs to strongly enforce environmental policies in order to resolve the current problems that our facing our bodies of water.

The laws that we have right now are doing what they need to. It is control the pollution level right now. It can get out of hand at any time. It just takes one big oil spill or someone dumping large amounts of items into the water. All kinds of things can cause pollution and we can't watch over everything. Water pollution can kill various kinds of animals that have a habitat in the water. The water is home to so many types of animals. If the water pollution was so bad it could make the animals in water become endangered after a period of time. People aren't always the cause of pollution. It can happen on its own. Some people don't know that, and it's true. There are so many types of pollutions that we the people don't even know the names of time. We see pollution and know that's what it is. The thing they don't know is what kind it is and that's what people need to know. What the cause of pollution is so then next time they might be able to stop is from ever happening.

Toxic Substances are a chemical pollutant that is not a naturally occurring substance in an aquatic ecosystem. Theses kinds of things come from plants that have a drainage system that runs off into the water and they dumb the things that they won't need anymore. These chemicals can be very harmful to animals. When sewage is thrown into the water an organic substance occurs. With this happening the water loses oxygen and with the lack of oxygen it can kill all of the aquatic organisms. When they die they are broken down by decomposers which then lead to a further depletion of the oxygen levels (Krantz 1996). When a power or Industrial plant uses water to cool down things inside the factory and then they release the water back to where it came from can cause a Thermal Pollution. When the water is returned at a higher temperature then what it was at. That then leads to a decrease in the dissolved oxygen level in the water. It also increases the biological demand of aquatic organisms for oxygen (Krantz 1996). There are some things that are not caused by human activity such as Ecological Pollution. An example of ecological pollution would be an increased rate of siltation of a waterway after a landslide which would increase the amount of sediments in runoff water. Another example would be when a large animal, such as a deer, drowns in a flood and a large amount of organic material is added to the water as a result. Major geological events such as a volcano eruption might also be sources of ecological pollution (Krantz 1996).

Water pollution comes in all different types. You don't know what one to going to happen till it happens. There are three other forms that can occur from different ways. When there is an oil spill and which there many of those that we experience a form of pollution called Petroleum. Accidental discharges of petroleum are an important cause of pollution along the shore lines. Off-shore drilling operations also cause water pollution. A fun fact here to know is that for every one ton of oil spilled there is a million tons of...
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