Water Pollution

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Water Pollution
Artina Houston
September 27, 2010
Aimee Pellet

Water pollution is when a body of water is adversely affected due to the addition of large amounts of materials to the water. (www.imbgnet.net) There are four types of water pollutions and I’m going to describe each one of them. I’m also going to tell you the solutions that I can up with and how I’m going to get the government and people involved to help. It is a lot of things that we don’t know about water pollution and how bad it is for our health. Every year, 14 billion pounds of sewage, sludge, and garbage are dump into the water. (www.thinkquest.com)
Nineteen trillion gallons of waste also enter the water annually and it is a hard thing to clean up. The first type of water pollution I’m going to talk about is Toxic substance; which is a chemical pollutant that is not a naturally occurring substance. This is what we would call man made material that we dump into the water every day. The second one is Organic substance that occurs when an excess of organic matter such as manure or sewage enters the water. This is a natural thing that we as humans can try to stop at a point in time.
Water pollution is a point and a non point source pollution in which we are a big factor of. The point source is the waste that we put into the water every day and the way we store the waste that we use. The non point source is like the sewage we dump and we know that we are doing it. One of the ways that we are putting waste into the water is being on the cruise ships. They are dumping the sewage, bath water, and the other material into the ocean.
It is killing all of the food and making us sick on a day to day living. Water pollution is one of the worst things that we should ever let happen in the world. Most countries can’t drink or take baths in the water without boiling it first. The non living things that contribute to the cause of water pollution are all the things that we as humans

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