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1.You select a binding In the page definition file and set the ChangeEventPolicy property to ppr. What effect does this action have on the way the page is rendered? A.It allows a component to partially refresh another component whose partialSubmit property is set to true. B.When a user selects a new value In a field, the portion of the page where that component resides is redrawn.

C.It enables you to add a component as a partial target for an event, so that when that event is triggered, the partial target component is refreshed.
D.Components whose values change as a result of back-end logic are automatically repainted. Answer: A

2.For a Customers view object, you have defined a view criteria to show only U.S.customers.On an ADF Faces page, you already have an ADF Faces table displaying data from the Customers view object. How would you display a query panel on the page that will allow you to select the view criteria and filter the existing Customers table on the page.?

A.Drag the view criteria as a query panel.
B.Drag the view criteria to the existing table and select query panel with table. C.Drag the view criteria as a query panel, and then set the ID property of the query panel to reference the table.

D.Drag the view criteria as a query panel, and then set the Resultcomponent ID property of the query component to reference the table.
E.Drag the view criteria as a query panel, and then set the Model property of the query component to reference the table binding.
F.Drag the view criteria as a query panel, and then set the value property of the query component to reference the table binding.
Answer: D

3.You want to define that a panel box titled should display information about the currently selected customer: currently editing Customer Surname: < Credit limit> .If the credit limit is null, then a zero should be displayed.Furthermore, in case the label for the surname field changes, this string should reference the ADF Business Components control hints for the label. Your Partner of IT Exam


A.Currently editing Customer Surname: # { bindings.CustLastName.Input Value} # {bindings. CreditLimit.inputValue}
B.Currently editing # {bindings.CustName.Hints.label}: #
{bindings.CustLastName.InputValue} # {empty bindings.CreditLimit.inputValue ? 0 : bindings. CreditLimit.InputValue}
C.Currently editing # {bindings.CustName.Hints.label}: #
{bindings.CustLastName.InputValue} # {Null bindings.CreditLimit.inputValue ? 0 : D.Currently editing # {bindings.CustName.Hints.label}: #
bindings.CustLastName.InputValue} # {if empty bindings.CreditLimit.inputValue then 0 else bindings.CreditLimit.INputValue}
Answer: B

4.You have found a declarative component that you would like to use on one of the pages that you are designing.
Choose the correct sequence of...
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