Water Pollution

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Team Presentation and Team Analysis Assignments (265 Points Total) You are a member of a research team employed by Travel International. Your team specializes in preparing executives for successful business interactions in foreign countries. Your excellent reputation is founded upon your thorough knowledge of destination countries and their cultures and your detailed and engaging pre-trip presentations. Develop a 15-25 minute pre-trip presentation for business executives traveling to a country of your team’s choice; country to be instructor-approved. All team members must be active participants in the presentation. All assignments, templates, and examples for this assignment are posted on eCampus, Purple Tab, Team Presentation. Date| Activity/Assignments Due| Submission| Points Possible| Thursday, April 4| Team Presentation BriefingTeam Analysis Paper BriefingTeams Assigned| | | Tuesday, April 16| Post Team Country (Earlier postings acceptable)| Discussion Board| 15| Tuesday, April 23| One-half Class for Team Work| | |

Thursday, April 25| One-half Class for Team WorkTeam Outline & Rubric due byThursday night, 11:59PM| eCampus | 20| Tuesday, April 30| Team PresentationsTeam PPT & Team PPT RubricTeam Minutes (3 meetings)Team Presentation Check ListTeam Handout| In-ClassE-mail before class to Dr. Totusek,Subject Line: Team PPT/ team animal/ member namesExample:Team PPT/ Tigers/ Dean, Robbins, Jones, MartinezE-mail to Dr. Totusek, Subject Line: Team Minutes #/team animal/ member names/ and date Example:Team Minutes #1/Tigers/Dean, Robbins, Jones, Martinez/ May 4, 2013Due to instructor beginning of classDistribute after presentation| 100253025| Thursday, May 2| Team Analysis PaperTeam Debriefing| Submit on eCampus| 50| Team Functioning

The purpose of the Team Presentation is to help you practice working with others to accomplish a common goal. If a team member acts in a dysfunctional manner, however, the team member may be removed from the group.

If a team member is not cooperating with the group by failing to return texts, emails, phone calls, or by not attending meetings, the unresponsive member may be fired if six attempts to contact the member over a reasonable amount of time can be documented in a log. The cooperating members should meet and plan this action and then present the log to the instructor and discuss the situation. If the instructor approves of the action, the instructor will contact the unresponsive member with the information that the member has been removed from the team. The member will then have the opportunity to complete the assignment alone with a deduction of 50 points from the total score obtained. No presentations for full credit will be allowed. Please choose to be a responsive team member so this situation does not occur.

If a member is communicating with the group but failing to meet deadlines or contribute quality work, the entire team should meet with the member in question. Perception-checking and descriptive language should be used to compare viewpoints, establish standards, and identify needs or differences. The member in question should be given one chance to recover the team’s confidence. If no improvement occurs, then a full team meeting should be held with the member in question to provide constructive feedback. All members, including the one the team is releasing, should sign a statement of understanding that the member is no longer a part of the team. Submit the statement to the instructor within one week of its signing. Again, the released member will have the opportunity to complete the assignment alone with a deduction of 50 points.

I am happy to serve as your consultant to help your team work effectively, but please do not complain to me about team members who are not meeting your expectations. Instead, use your knowledge gained in this class to do something about it. As future managers and executives,...
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