Water Pollution

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Noun| 1.| water pollution - pollution of the water in rivers and lakespollution - undesirable state of the natural environment being contaminated with harmful substances as a consequence of human activities| -------------------------------------------------


Effects of Water Pollution

By Jared Skye
Water pollution has been documented as a contributor to a wide range of health problems and disorders in humans. It has also been shown to have drastically negative impacts on wild animals and the environment as a whole. There are quite a few different effects ofwater pollution that are of significant importance to humans. Ads by Google

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Human Health Effects
Water pollution can pose health dangers to humans who come into contact with it, either directly or indirectly. Contaminated Drinking Water
The risks of your health being negatively impacted by polluted drinking water in a developed country issmall in comparison with developing countries. However, it is possible to become ill from contaminated water. When you are out hiking, you can acquire giardiasis that can lead to the presentation of acute symptoms like vomiting and intense nausea. This infection is caused by drinking water that has been fouled by animal wastes in untreated waterways. In anthropogenic environments like cities and towns, the potential toxins are far more numerous. Mercury Level Risks

Health risks from pollution vary from area to area. One of the most pervasive non-localized water pollution issues facing the world today is the level of mercury in the oceans. Inorganic mercury is a commonbyproduct of a number of industrial processes. The level of mercury in fish is mostly dangerous forsmall children and women who might become pregnant, are pregnant or are nursing. Mercury has been found to interfere with the development of the central nervous system in fetuses and young children, which could potentially lead to a large amount of long-term side effects. Health Effects of Toxic Runoff

In Louisiana, water quality can be so bad in many waterways that fish advisories are often posted to warn people against eating fish out of contaminated waterways. This is largely due to industrial runoff from localized sources and the accumulative effects of runoff and dumping from states that lie along the Mississippi river. When the river empties into Louisiana, it brings those accumulated toxins with it. This is believed to lead to higher rates of cancer in areas surrounding the Mississippi delta in an area that is colloquially referred to as "cancer alley." Ads by Google

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Overall Ecological Risks
Water pollution also causes negative effects within...
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