Water of Crystallization and Hydrated Mgso4

Topics: Water of crystallization, Hydrate, Water Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: September 14, 2011
Tony FernandezElizabeth Nehme05.05.11Period 2 Hydrated Crystals Lab Pre-Lab Questions

Observations of hydrated MgSO4| Shiny, clear, chunks of crystals, white | Mass of crucible and lid| 11.36 grams|
Mass of crucible, lid, and hydrated MgSO4| 14.38 grams|
Mass of hydrated MgSO4| 3.00 grams|
Mass of crucible, lid, and anhydrous MgS04| 12.82 grams|
Mass of anhydrous MgSO4| 1.45 grams|
Mass of water in hydrated MgSO4| 1.55 grams|
Moles of anhydrous MgSO4| 0.0120 moles|
Moles of water in hydrated MgSO4| 0.0860 moles|
Observation of anhydrous MgSO4| Different shade of white, more thicker and solid; powder-like|

3. To obtain the mass of water, first measure the mass of the crucible with the lid and anhydrous MgSO4 and then obtain the mass of the crucible with the lid once again and hydrated MgSO4; after that, subtract the two sums and the result is the mass of the water. To obtain the mass of the anhydrous MgSO4, measure the mass of the crucible lid, then subtract this measurement from the mass of the crucible, lid, and anhydrous MgSO4 4. To convert the mass of the anhydrous MgSO4 and water to moles, divide them by the molar mass. 5. To obtain the formula for the hydrate from the moles of anhydrous MgSO4 and the moles of water, obtain the ratio of moles of water to moles of the anhydrous product, MgSO4. Analyze & Conclude

1. Approximately 7 moles (0.0860 moles H20/ 0.0120 moles MgSO4) 2. The observation of the hydrated MgSO4 was shiny, see-through, and chunky amounts of crystals. While the observation for the anhydrous MgSO4 came out to be a lighter, more different shade of white, unclear, and powder-like. 3. The method used in the experiment may not be suitable for determining the water of hydration for all hydrates because, when heating it up, some of the hydrates may be lost/decay...
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