Water Management

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Water Management
Describe Water Management and Use
Ground water and surface water make up freshwater sources in the form of streams, rivers, and wells. Freshwater sources are becoming depleted.
We are facing a growing global water shortage due to precipitation, runoff patterns, droughts, and ground water withdrawals.
Water conservation is protecting the quantity and quality of the water resources, with expectations to reduce the total amount of water being used for various purposes.
Water use often occur off-stream and in-stream usages. Off stream use occur when water is removed from source and in-stream uses refer to use of water for recreation, navigation, hydroelectric power, and fish and wildlife habitats. *
Effects of Water Use and Management Practices on the Environment
Domestic water use has a short term on effect on the environment as water can be easily reduced substantially. These management practices help to control water usage: fixing all pipes, flushing toilets only when necessary, and turning off water when it is not needed.
Water use causes depletion in water resources as the human population continues to grow. In order to manage this long term effect the human population must be controlled and water conserved.
Three Major Types of Environmental Pollution
Water Pollution
Water pollution is caused by toxic pollutants such as heavy metal, pesticides, drugs, heat, and sediments that degrades the water quality and affects organisms living in the water.
Water resources are treated by filtering and chlorinating before distribution. Vapor extraction and eliminating the source provides treatment for water process known as vapor extraction. Water waste treatment is used.
Water pollution affects the ecosystem water supply plants, animals, and human with the area. The water supply drank by species becomes unsubstantial.
Water pollution contaminates the drinking water of human causing disease and illness within the human health.

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