Water is life persuasive speech

Topics: Drinking water, Waterborne diseases, Water Pages: 3 (584 words) Published: December 3, 2013
 Persuasive speech outline Purpose: To persuade

Goal/proposition statement: I want to persuade my audience to donate $10.00 to the non-profit charity Water is life. Title: Water is Life
Hello everyone!

I. THE ATTENTION GRABBER: Imagine getting up at 6am to walk long distances in 88 degree heat. Just to be able to dink 8oz of contaminated water. Now imagine giving that same contaminated water to your child. II. The Relevance: 880 million people lack access to clean drinking water. 4,100 people die every day from waterborne diseases, most of them children under the age of 5. 1 child dies every 21 seconds because of water related disease. (citation#1 World Health Organization) III. The credibility: From my own charitable work and the research I have done I know you also will want to participate in the Water is Life project. IV. The Proposition Statement: Today I am here to convince you to donate $10.00 to the Water is Life organization. $10= one straw= one year= one life.

Transition: You are probably asking yourself how $10.00 can save someone’s life. Please allow me to explain.

The Body
I. What is Water is Life
A. Water is Life is a non-profit, dedicated to providing an accessible clean water solution to create healthier communities. 1. The founder Ken Surrite. (citation #2 Ken Surrite)
2. Water is Life is dedicated to saving children all over the world utilizing an integrated program to transform entire villages this happens in three parts. Distribute Water is Life personal straw filters to partner villages and disaster situations to provide an immediate clean water solution to save lives. Provide hygiene and sanitation education in village schools and community centers. Research and implement a long-term,...
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