Water Expands When It Freezes

Topics: Ice, Water, Density Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: April 12, 2015
Water expands when it freezes. Ice takes up more space than water Yes, unlike most other liquids which shrink when frozen, water actually expands at about a 9% rate at its freezing point.

Frozen water and liquid water weight the same. as a liquid forms into a solid it forms more symmetrical patterns, and therefore its density increases, however there is still the same number of particles per unit mass. also this doesn't apply to water which becomes less dense when just frozen, hence ice floats

Frozen water weighs the same as liquid water. Frozen is water is less dense and will float on liquid water, but the weight remains the same.

Talk about road repairs after snowstorms. And pipe burst accident in the house in the winter when daddy was in japan.

Water expands slightly when if freezes (due to hydrogen bonding) and the resulting ice is less dense than water.(Actually, the water still weighs the same- it just takes up more space when frozen)

Freezing a liquid simply slows the rate at which the molecules travel, it does not add or subtract anything at a molecular level. So a liquid weighs the same as before when it is frozen.

its called "Ice-Wedging" water gets into the crack and then freezes, when water freezes it expands and it pushes the rock apart little, but it must freeze then liquify then freeze many times over to actually crack the rock. Because the water expands!

Water when it freezes - - expands. Therefore water in pipes will split the pipes; water in a glass will break the glass; water in plastic jugs will disform the jugs.

When water turns from liquid water to solid ice it expands in volume. If the water is in a crack in the rock the force of this expansion can force the crack to widen and, over time, break the rock.

What is the effect when ice freezes in cracks?
The ice expands, forcing the crack to widen. As an effect the cracks get bigger every time ice freezes inside. The thing with a crack eventually breaks....
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