Water Desalination (Uncompleted)

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The Fluidity of Water Desalination

Period 2

 Desalination, desalinization, or desalting refers to any processes that remove some amount of salt or other minerals from salt water. More specific, desalination is also the removal of salts and minerals, as in soil desalination. Desalination is used on many ongoing ships and submarines. Most of the modern interest in desalination is focused on developing cost-effective ways of providing fresh water for human use. Along with recycled wastewater, this is one of the few rainfall-independent water sources.

Water takes up two thirds of Earth's space. Basically Earth is made up of mostly Water. Water is a basic necessity for the human body. Since there are over 7 billion living people on the planet fresh water is becoming a scarce resource. Luckily water is a renewable resource even though it is natural it can be used for a variety of things. Salt water is desalinated to produce fresh water suitable for human consumption. One potential byproduct of desalination is salt. Most interest in desalination is focused on developing cheaper ways of giving fresh water for humans. Costs of desalinating sea water are generally higher than the alternatives, but alternatives are not always available.

How the heck does reverse osmosis work anyway? Well osmosis is the process in which you pass or diffuse water through a semipermeable membrane that blocks the passage of dissolved solutes in the water. Reverse osmosis is a process that makes water desalination possible. Reverse osmosis is recycling water. Recycling water can produce energy and not only clean water, but fuel other things.Water scarcity has become an extreme global threat. When climate changes come unpredicted impacts such as flooding, droughts, rising and falling sea levels. These lead to serious impacts in the environment.

Desalination may be expensive if done professionally which will clean water fully and be 100% clean. Rather than it just being...
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