Water Crisis

Topics: Water crisis, Water resources, Water supply Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: April 28, 2008
Good morning ladies and gentlemen I am here today to discuss the water crises for south east Queensland, this is an issue which is related to the topic of environmental economics a Very important issue that is not only affecting the south east region of Australia but all of our country in some way. This seminar will also evaluate this water crisis using criteria to provide recommendations to the state government

Key issues

Water is our most precious natural resource. As well as supporting life itself and the health of the environment, water underpins social and economic development across the state. Water supplies right throughout Queensland are desperately low, particularly in the rapidly growing and heavily populated southeast Queensland region, which could run out of water within two years. The water crisis facing Queensland is a direct result of the Beattie Labour Government’s refusal to invest in water during its past eight years in power.

South East Queensland is currently experiencing the worst water shortage in over 100 years. We (Australia) are in our sixth consecutive year of below average rainfall and still no one has taken on the responsibility of preparing South East Queensland for the future by Finding new water sources and putting them into action. But then again, the water consumers are also to blame. For years people and businesses have taken water for Granted and now they pay the price with tough water restrictions.

The question is how do we solve Australia’s water crises? This question will be analysed by putting forward four criteria in order to make recommendation to the state government.


Government policies

Many suggestions within the Australian government have been made on how to solve this problem, including a $500 million plan for the construction of new dams at Wyaralong, Glendower, Amamoor Creek and the raising of the Borumba Dam. The Coalition’s solution will focus on building the dams that have...
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