Water Conservatives Awareness

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The public of Tonga to become aware of the issues surrounding Tonga became clear. Even though the future is unpredictable, water will always be needed, today, tomorrow and always because clean water is required by this generation to the end also important to educate the old generations as well as the generations to come and the next and so forth. 2Background

2.1Water in Tonga
Tonga is a Small Island Developing State situated in the Central South Pacific. It lies between 15° and 23° 30' South and 173° and 177° West. Tonga is an archipelago of 172 named islands with an area of 747km2 of which 36 islands are inhabited with an area of 649km2. It composes of four clusters of islands extended over a north-south axis: Tongatapu and Eua in the south, Ha'apai in the centre, Vava'u in the north, Niuafo'ou and Niua Toputapu in the far north. Nuku'alofa, the capital is located in Tongatapu, the largest island with an area of roughly 260km2. Portable freshwater in Tongatapu is sourced from three sources: rainwater harvesting and the fresh groundwater lens or from imported bottle water. Fresh groundwater is hard because of high concentration of bicarbonate from the limestone aquifers

Village reticulated water systems are supplied from local groundwater wells control by village water committee under the Ministry of Health. Nuku’alofa reticulation system is sourced from Matakieua/Tongamai well field about 5 km southwest of the capital with a surface elevation around 20m. The capital’s water supply is managed by the Tonga Water Board which also manages town water supplies in other islands in Tonga. The lead agency for water resources management is the Ministry of Lands, Survey & Natural Resources. 2.2 Water Resources

Water is extremely valuable and an essential source of life. Humans, animals and plants critically depend on sufficient and sustainable supply of water not only for their very existence but also for social, economic, environmental needs and development. This vital resource is limited in the island Kingdom of Tonga. The unavoidable growth of population, climate change and related disasters have directly impacted this highly valuable and scarce resource. Proper management of water resources and ensuring the sustainable supply of sufficient and good quality of water in Tonga are crucial. Due to the utmost significance of water as a natural resource and its scarcity in terms of its availability therefore requires special and serious consideration for its management and control particularly in view of implications of water security for both present and future generations in Tonga. Raising awareness of water issues at all levels is deemed critical in the successful implementation of water conservation programmes and activities. It is anticipated that water conservation activities, such as water loss reduction programmes and public awareness campaigns for rational water use could result in significant water savings. 2.3Water Pollution

A pollution source survey was conducted in Tongatapu where most industrial, commercial, public and government institutions, and the main harbour are located. Waste ranged from medical wastes, transformers containing toxic chemical of PCBs, leaking oil from diesel water pumps and garages, septic waste from households and yachts, cleaning agents, food scraps, and so-forth. Some aluminium cans and glass bottles are recycled and re-used, however, the majority of waste is dumped at an open, unmanaged dump site. It was reported that septic waste, oil and chemical runoff is a more emerging pollution issue than other wastes produced. Many of the businesses along the harbour have septic tanks at sea-level. Some are not even reachable by the Ministy of Health’s septic collection truck. Therefore, the septic tanks are overflowing into the harbour, especially during heavy rains. The businesses also have kitchen...
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