Water Conservation

Topics: Water resources, Fresno, California, Water crisis Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: March 19, 2010
English 10
Drought Solutions
{draw:rect} The tragedy of the commons shows that water conservation needs to be a major part of all of our lives. The California government has laid down regulations to slow the drought, but these regulations will not do any good if the public does not follow them. Some people will follow these regulations, some will ignore them, and some will still be against laws restricting water use. Those against laws are not necessarily wasteful water users; they are just against government interference. These people know that they can save water without being charged for water bills and without restrictions on how they use their water. What they do not realize is that even if they argue that they can save water without these extra charges, some households cannot or will not. That is why the laws are made as they are. This forces the government to create these regulations to try and pull California out of its three year drought. {draw:rect} Although conserving water is the most obvious solution, there are other ways to keep Fresno’s water sustainable. One of these ways is to simply get more. By getting more water, we can use more and keep the water supply sustainable, as long as Fresno gets this extra water consistently. In an article in the Fresno Bee, Lloyd Carter gives his opinion on getting water out of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and its consequences. The water being pumped from Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is being restricted because of environmentalists protesting. A minnow in the river risks endangerment if too much water is taken, but many think that one species of minnow, out of hundreds, is insignificant compared to our water needs. Lloyd Carter made a video to be sent to the California government saying, "None of this matters, according to environmental extremists, because pumping water might endanger a minnow.” Lloyd Carter is an environmental activist who is filming to make a point. Carter is...

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