Water Billing System Proposed Study

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Information Management and Billing System with SMS Notification and Cashiering System of Carmen Water District Chapter I
Background of the study
Municipality of Carmen created an operating unit providing quality drinking water and wastewater services to its residential, business and wholesale customers at a lower possible cost, Carmen Water District, a government owned and controlled Corporation under the supervision of LWUA. Pursuant to PD No. 198 (as amended), otherwise known as the “Provincial Utilities Act of 1973”, the Sangguniang Bayan of Carmen, Davao del Norte enacted Resolution No. 166-82 on September 16, 1982 for the creation of Carmen Water District (CWD).

It covers the entire territorial jurisdiction of the municipality. The conditional certificate of conformance (CCC) no.319 was issued to the Water District on 02 November 1987. District application for a P 9,854 Million financial Assistance was approved by (LWUA) Local Water Utilities Administration on June 24, 1996 with the following breakdown. A. Regular Loan from LWUA -P 7, 289M

B. Grant from Congressman Rodolfo P. del RosarioP 2, 565M TotalP 9, 854M

Implementation of the Phase 1 of the project started sometime in 1997 and was operationally January 1998 to present. The Board and Management are now faced off a challenge a challenge to attain the vision of providing the people of Carmen a viable Water Supply System. Like other cities and municipalities all over Mindanao, it serves a large number of residences and commercial establishments.

Customer water and wastewater charges are based on the amount of water consumed.
Water meters are also necessary to determine the water loss, rate development and accounting. These also serve as tools for evaluating the efficiency and conservation measures and assist with the identifying leaks, locating pressure problems and identifying peaks and non-peaks water use among residential and commercial consumers. Therefore, it is very important that meter reading should be accurate in measuring water usage. Cashiering automates all cashier transactions record keeping, such as, official collections, accommodation exchanges, payments (certified vouchers, petty cash, and advances) and prepares transmittals.

Importance of the Study
Carmen Water District has been serving the municipality for long years. Every time they are computing for the customers’ accounts and bills, they do it manually. Out of estimated 625 people within selected barangays in Carmen, Tuganay, Poblacion, Tubod paying for their bills most especially during due dates, the employees could hardly manage the operation. The moment that the bill will be sent to each resident, the employees use to ride on their motorcycle and bicycle to their destination just to give the bill. Imagine, for a large number of residences within Carmen, it is quite hard, hot, and tiring to do so. In addition to that, the amount of refueling the motorcycle also adds to their expenses. As a probable solution to that issue, the researchers conducted a study supporting the implementation of a system to ease the operation of water billing and to minimize the duration of sending the bills to the residences and to lessen the cost of transportation.

II. Background of the Problem

Business Process of Carmen Water District
* Customer’s Application Process
* The customer should be able to present first a certification from LGU which serves as proof that the house and lot they have are really them. * The customer should fill up the Application Form.

* Meter Reading Process
* Meter reading will be conducted every 15 days in a month. * After the meter reading, the past reading will be deducted to the present reading which will be the consumed meter for the month. * If the consumed cubic meter is below 10, the residential value is P218.68. The commercial value depends on the sizes of water pipes. * The exceeding cubic...
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