Water and Fire Compare and Contrast

Topics: Incandescent light bulb, Heat, Oxygen Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Water and Fire
Water and fire, two very different elements. But, What really makes these two elements different? Fire burns. It is used to hurt and to kill, but it can also be used for heat and for light. Water soothes. It is used to revive people who are sick and to help to cool off in a hot summer day, but it can it be used for torture and to drown living things. In spite of all of their differences they do have three things in common Oxygen, they both kill, and they are both necessary for survival.

Fire, it was discovered by the ancient caveman and has been used for many things including heat. The cavemen realized ,when they discovered fire, that it gave off heat and that it could be used on the coldest of nights to stay warm. It can also be used for light. The cave men realized that as the fire burned it gave off light. They used it to light up caves and to help them see in the night. The discovery eventually led to the candle and the light bulb. When the cavemen discovered that fire gave off heat they also discovered that it burns and that it causes pain. They found that they could use it to light houses on fire and sometimes in extreme cases even people. In world war two they used flame throwers to "throw" fire at the enemy and kill. It can be used to kill people and other living things. It can burn people and eventually even burn them to death.

Water did not need to be discovered. it could be found in lakes, rivers, streams, oceans, and even falling from the sky water can also be used for many things. It has been used to sooth a burn or a cut and make it feel better. Its also used to save lives. when someone gets a potentially lethal case of heat exhaustion or heat stroke the paramedics used water to save their lives. Also if you get hypothermia then there is a method of treatment where you get the person with hypothermia in dry clothes and having them sip on cool water to help their body temperature return to normal. On the down side water can also...
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