Water and Daily Life

Topics: Pompeii, Water, Character Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Robert Harris’ Pompeii: A Novel

After reading the novel Pompeii by Robert Harris I notice many interesting topics and subtopics to be discussed and analyzed. I like digging deeper into the specific characters that I came across while reading and I really enjoy how they are portrayed depending on outside factors such as status (freedmen, slave, or individuals of a higher status such as Pliny) and their role and importance in the novel. Secondly, the importance of technology and more specifically aqueducts seems to be a major theme and really the driving point for this novel. The final topic I will discuss is corruption in Rome and how it plays a key role in the novel and seems to drive many events in HBO Rome and Daily Life. I liked this suggestion in the instructions for this paper because after reading there seems to be major differences discussed when looking at life in Pompeii compared to Misenum and all other areas discovered while traveling to Pompeii.

Before examining the topics of urban life and aqueducts and the importance of technology I think it is important to introduce the main characters of this novel. Two characters that I would like to examine are Marcus Attilius, the main character. The second character that I find interesting is Pliny the Elder.

I like Marcus Attilius because he is introduced on page 6 as a “practical man, he had never had much time for all these fancy handles.” I like this about him because it really sets the scene as to what expect from him. He is the fourth generation of aqueduct engineers takes his profession very seriously. I like how in the beginning of the novel most all the people that surround him think he is crazy or too young or that he is a “pretty boy” as Corax describes him. I like this because as we read on you see how he really is a hero and how at times when everything seems to be going wrong he follows his gut, uses his methods and detects what is the problem and follows through with what must...
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