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Don't wallow, shoot into the shower
A quick shower uses far less water than a long soak in the tub. Think twice before you have one! Save your washing up for one wash
Instead of washing up as you go, save it up and do it in one go to minimise the amount of water you use. As one MoneySaver says, it's a great excuse to leave the washing up! Conserve water and 'mulch' your garden plants

Mulching garden plants (covering with wood chippings or leaf mould) reduces the need for watering as they will retain moisture for longer. See the BBC's guide on how to mulch. Love the shade - keep plants out of the sun

Moving pot plants and house plants out of the sun helps limit the amount of water they need once they've had their fair share of sunshine. Watering the plants? Don't forget your roots
Use the simple trick of an upside-down water bottle with holes in it to get water direct to the roots of your plants - this should help save waste. Turn it off - don't run the tap
When cleaning don't run the tap, instead use a wash bowl to rinse cloths. Clean the car smartly
When you really get to the point you have to clean the car, use a bucket of hot soapy water and a watering can of clean water to rinse - no need to use a hose at all. Consider using waterless valeting products too. Don't bathe pets, keep Fido dry

It can be bad for their skin and they may not need it unless they require medicated baths or have rolled in something awful. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth
Simple but effective!
Steam your veggies
Healthier and tastier than boiling them.
Running your tap to temperature?
Fill up empty bottles while you wait for it to heat up and use round the house to water plants or for the kettle. Get a dual flush loo
Use the small flush for oneses, or the stronger flush for bigger jobs! Save rain water - get a water butt
Sometimes you can pick these up free. Leave it in your garden to collect rain water and you have a constant supply of water for...
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