Topics: Water, Life, Classical element Pages: 1 (431 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Water: the source of life
Water is an indefinable element. It can be destructible and wipe out the strongest forces in the world while it was also the beginning of life. It gives a lot but it can take back more than that. Water is one of the four elements of nature. It’s represented in the liquid form while earth is sold, air is gas and fire is the in-between of all. Water is important to every living thing. For plants it’s absorbed from the soil, for humans it’s for drinking and use for various reasons. It’s the most common liquid known which causes it to be the base of any liquid matter. Water is the purest element present in the nature and its shape and appearance is unique. It can change shapes into whatever it is put but can also disappear in front of our eyes in a matter of minutes on a hot day. In its true state it can be found salty which is present in the huge oceans and seas on which our land floats upon. The second is fresh water, it’s mainly maintained from the springs, lakes or rivers, and this is the state of water that is essential for life. It’s the base of food chain as without it the plants that are needed would dehydrate. Water is something you can easily get enough off but it’s also something that can be lost easily. Water can only be trusted in small amounts as in large amounts there is higher chances of destruction. Water is not only essential in its physical state but also in spiritual state. Water defines unstable emotions and unpredictable state. It gives an inspiration to artist due to its openness where it is in such a large amount where the other side cannot be seen. Water is also represented as ‘chi’ where it means it’s a mirror which is something that reflects everything. Water is the only point of stability on Earth where it has to keep moving and flowing as if it stands still it will rot. The constant flowing, and over flows of the water shows an unknown path. The way it cuts through the stones, the ground or anything in its way...
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