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Compare & Contrast Essay 3
Final VersionMarch 6, 2013
Everyone loves watching films. Films are relaxing and exciting because daily routines and work are tiring for people. Therefore, they want to relax and enjoy by watching films. Some people choose cinemas, and other people choose their home to watch films. If preparation process, location, and the actual viewing are considered, people’s preference will be home. Firstly, preparation is a long process. You should choose appropriate clothes to go out and dress the clothes. You will leave the house, and then you should purchase tickets. Yet, sometimes there may be no tickets and it can be a problem. All of the preparations take a long time. Nevertheless, you don’t have to do these at home. You can only sit down on your armchair opposite your TV and watch your film comfortably. Secondly, location should be thought. Not only cinema but also your room is comfortable. Moreover, cinemas are generally crowded. Because of this crowd, there will be a noise while you are watching the film. You may get uncomfortable and angry. What is more, cinemas may be small. In contrast to cinemas, which are crowded, noisy, and small, your living room is silent, not crowded and big for you. You can cross your legs and watch your film. Finally, the actual viewing is important. However, this feature shouldn’t be very effective while deciding where you will watch the film. Cinemas have big screens and high sound quality. Similarly, you can have an LCD TV and a high quality sound system in your home. Actually, even if you don’t have these, you can watch the film because people watch films even on the small screens of computers at home. Thus, you can watch your film at home. To sum up, homes are more appropriate than cinemas in terms of preparation, location, and the actual viewing. You have all facilities in your home to watch a film. You should prepare your popcorn, sit down on...
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