Watching too much TV

Topics: Television, Psychology, Entertainment Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: March 13, 2014
Watching Too Much Television
Watching television is a very popular recreational activity in our days. When television was first brought to the public, it had an idea of entertaining education. However, throughout the decades TV has transformed from entertaining education to just entertainment. Today, TV has very few educational programs in comparison to the number of purely inane entertainment programs on the majority of channels. I’ve done own my research and found out that TV has several negative impacts on the development of young children. There are three major negative impacts: physiological ailments, psychological imbalance, and poor performance at school.

The first negative effect of watching a lot of TV is developing physiological illnesses such as poor eyesight, overweight, problems with spine, and etc. There are some basic rules for watching TV; for example, the TV set should be placed about 16 feet away from eyes, it should be on the same eye level, and the room should be adequately lit. Most people don’t know these rules. Also, according to article “Study: TV Lets Fast-Food Companies Hook Tots Early” by Carla K. Johnson, “Messages for high-fat, high-sugar foods permeate programming for preschoolers on Nickelodeon ”, which leads to buying more fast food and children gaining more weight. Also, advocates of this article say that the study adds to the mounting evidence that food markets are trying to hook the youngest children as lifelong customers. These studies should raise red flags for people who allow their kids a lot of TV time. Parents should limit and supervise what shows their children watch.

The second negative effect of watching too much TV is the development of psychological imbalance in young children. Symptoms such as bad behavior, hyperactivity, loss of concentration, and violence could be the consequences of watching a lot of TV. In another article, studies show that a child that has been exposed to violence and sexual...
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