Watching Film at Home or in the Cinema, Which Is Better?

Topics: Movie theater, Film, Box office Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Watching movies is an amazing activity to relax for many people nowadays. After a heavy work, many people are willing to find some amusement to enrich their leisure time. As for me, watching films is always going to be my first choice. Even though the cinema may have a professional sound effect and atmosphere, I still prefer watching films at home. Firstly, I prefer watching film at home for its convenience. As we know, home is the most comfortable place for us. I can watch the films whatever I want right now if only the films have been found in the internet. What I need to do is just find the resource and click download, and then watch it. If I go to the cinema, I have to get there in advance to buy the tickets, and arrange my time very well and then wait for its beginning. And in addition, if I decide to stay at home to see a movie, I can skip those boring advertisements before the film. As for myself, those advertisements are what I despise; and I think it really wastes my life. Secondly, in the public place like cinema, everyone must keep it quiet, and make sure to not disturb other audiences. I cannot talk freely to our friends or family to keep this rule, so if I get something confused or catch a wonderful moment, I have to ask or talk about it after the film or whisper in their ear. That makes me so uncomfortable. If we watch films at home with our friends or family members, however, we can talk about these doubts at any time during the film, we can get the exact plot in the process. And it's also a good chance that we can communicate with each other when watching a film. It is beneficial to exchange our thoughts. What’s more, if I have something important to do right now, I can suspend the film to finish the task first. If I were in the cinema, I might have no choice only leave for it. It will be a pity to miss our favorite film. Certainly, we can go to the cinema again for the film. But we may lose some passion and spend more money. Even somebody may...
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