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Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Catholic Church, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 5 (1219 words) Published: April 30, 2014
HIS 101
Fall 2013
Quiz 1 (Boyer, chapters 1 & 2)

Name: _______________________________________________

Multiple Choice: Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1.Why did the Paleo-Indians flourish in the Americas?
a.They flourished because of the bountiful and accommodating environment. b.They flourished because of their ability to defeat rival Indian tribes. c.They flourished because of the onset of a new Ice Age.

d.They flourished because of a high birth rate and the lack of effective birth control. e.They flourished because of assistance from the League of the Iroquois.

2.Which of the following was not a feature of the Archaic era? a.the development of villages
b.expanded roles for men and women
c.the creation of vast empires
d.availability of a wide variety of flora and fauna
e.larger populations

3.Which statement concerning the people of the Archaic era is correct? a.They made relatively sharp distinctions between men's and women's roles. b.They made clear distinctions among themselves on the basis of class or rank. c.They were wiped out by diseases introduced by Archaic peoples. d.They generally tried to keep to themselves and had little to do with their neighbors. e.All of these choices

4.Which of the following is a way Native Americans engaged in "genetic engineering"? a.They experimented with teosinte and produced maize.
b.They selectively bred cattle and produced the longhorn steer. c.They crossed barley with rye and began harvesting wheat.
d.They killed only the oldest and weakest wild animals and allowed the strongest to procreate. e.They built specialized fish ponds where they bred the most nutritious fish.

5.Which of the following is a feature of Ancestral Pueblo culture? a.They built temporary villages.
b.They became the most powerful Indian people in the Northeast. c.They traveled along poorly defined trails.
d.All of these choices
e.Extensive complexes of attached apartments and storage rooms and partly underground structures.

6.Which of the following examples provides evidence of the sophistication of Hopewell culture? a.Cave drawings
b.Mounds containing enclosures
c.Canals and bridges
d.Birch-bark records
e.Oral traditions

7.Why was Cahokia significant?
a.Cahokia was the center of Mayan culture.
b.Cahokia was a large metropolis on the Mississippi River that built its economy on river-borne trade. c.Cahokia was the largest city in the Maya empire and contains pyramids similar to those found in Egypt. d.Cahokia was a mythical city where many Indians believed life in North America began. e.Cahokia was a large city located in present-day Mexico that served as the main trading center for the entire area.

8.Which family pattern was most common among North American Indian tribes? a.Nuclear family
b.Extended family
c.Patriarchical family
d.Matriarchical family
e.None of these choices

9.Which of the following generalizations about Native American cultures is true? a.Almost all the societies were the same in terms of political and social structure, religious beliefs, and basic contributions. b.No society had much in common with any other society.

c.Most Native American cultures were characterized by a kinship reciprocity and communal ownership of resources. d.Because of their relationship to the environment, native Americans had evolved into careful conservationists. e.Only native cultures in the Eastern Woodlands developed the bow and arrow and used ceramic pottery.

10.Which statement concerning warfare in most Native American societies is most accurate? a.Warfare was conducted more as a pastime than as a way of conquering and subduing enemies. b.Warfare was a constant and continuing part of life.

c.Warfare occurred infrequently, and when it did it was conducted in a gentle and polite manner. d.Warfare was an indication of the strength and...
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