Waste Water Processing

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Waste Water Lifting Point
Lift Stations, or Pump Stations are known as the structure that are used to "lift" liquid uphill - against gravity. They are the essential component of a wastewater collection system which takes wastewater from residents and businesses in a community and pumps it to a sewage treatment plant. They are equally essential in moving "potable" water from a water treatment plant up to one or more reservoirs, so that clean water can flow by gravity to the community. Waste water lifting points are the integral part of a sewer system in a city. Dhaka is a big city with a huge population. But waste water management in this city is not so efficient. A huge amount of wastewater is generated in the city every day, which contributes to the pollution of rivers and water bodies in and around the city in the absence of proper management of wastewater.

Dhaka city have several waste water lifting points. One of these is in Dhaka medical area. It serves a great purpose in the management of waste in this area.

General components of this facility: I. One underground sludge tank

II. Pipes to fetch waste water from the tank
III. Three motors
IV. Manual wheel type keys to control sludge
V. Mechanized pumps operating panels
VI. Vent pipes.
The spot

1. Underground sludge tank:
It is a big tank where all the waste matters & sewage are stored for treatment. Heavy solid wastes are settled as sludge, and only liquid portion of waste water are separated from here. It is cleaned 1 or 2 times a year.

Sludge tank
Sludge tank

2. Different kinds of pipes: Pipes are used to separate liquid portion of waste water from...
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