Waste Toners as Alternative Construction Tiles

Topics: Recycling, Natural environment, Environmentalism Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Waste Toners as an Alternative Construction Tiles

Industrial waste is a one of the biggest environmental problems in our community. We have been very irresponsible in disposing our waste that it already pollutes our land, air, and water. We, therefore, destroy our environment unconsciously.

After buying products, people are used to throwing them away anywhere, and haven’t understood yet the process of recycling. When all the waste is dumped, it doesn’t sit there – it is interacted with, and also interacts. Not only does wildlife mistake plastics for food, but it can destroy their natural habitats also. Water can also become contaminated by the ink cartridges and also poison the soil, effectively destroying the ecosystem for generations. With materials from printer cartridges not being biodegradable, the surrounding ecosystem, both flora and fauna, will not have a future.

To work towards a greener future we must look at specific ways to be more economical, which will allow us to stop pumping so much hazardous gas into the atmosphere. It probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind, but one way we can significantly reduce our carbon waste output is through making a worldwide effort to recycle ink cartridges.

On the other side, housing materials today is having higher prices than it was before.
Waste toners are collected from printer shops. Toners are mixed with pulverized stones. The mixture was then heated until melted and was poured and spread evenly on a molder laced with cooking oil to prevent the mixture from sticking into the molder.
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