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Waste Not Want Not

By tjames23x Oct 18, 2013 569 Words

“Waste Not Want Not” By: McKibben
The main point of the article I think is to show past events we have done that have harmed this world, and how everyone had been affected by it. The write says that it may be already to late to save the world, because of how bad we have treated it. We have been chopping trees, spreading carbon dioxide, and have been creating so much trash. All these things hurt out world we live in and we have changed the world, there is Global Warming and we may be to deep into the problem that we might not be able to get out of it. The writer is heavily worried about the planet. Two Details:

One detail is the ninth paragraph, in this paragraph the writer gives us all these stats that have hurt this world and that humans do all the time. Things like wasting cell phones, paper, plastic, batteries, and aluminum. All these items the writer says are being wasted by the world. I find this detail important because it is really happening and that these stats are true. All the wasting people do is very harmful to the planet and we need to cut down. Second detail is when the author writes “It's possible the planet will keep arming and the economy keep sinking no matter what.” When the author writes this I feel that many people who read this quote would agree with this. Also the planet will keep warming because of our past actions. We have done so much already that has harmed this earth and we are already getting the effects from it such as larger probability of hurricanes, hotter and colder weather, deluges and droughts. The world is in trouble. The economy is getting worse and worse every year. Supporting a pointless war in Iraq and using up trillions of dollars we don't have. The United States is in debt far to much and may never recover. Response:

I agree with the writer, the world we live in is in trouble. Through time though I think we can get ourselves out of this problem. Back then when people didn't know that much about global warming and helping the earth there was much more littering and less green activites. After time though the people in this world have realized that we can help this world by being much more green. If we don't waste as much things and sort out which is trash and what is recycling, we will have a much healthier planet. Every year more countries are trying to go more green to help this country out and now people will understand that global warming may be harmful and we can stop it from happening. Over time though we have become a much more green country, we as in the United States. Littering back then was much more popular. Now today littering rarely happens as much. People find it disrespectful when others litter, and when people do litter we have more groups and communities to clean up after people who litter. Even people who have gotten in trouble with the law are used effectively and they pick up the litter of others, which is much more productive to our world. Wasting anything isn't good for the world, but the country over time can improve on being more green and less of a litter bug.

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