Topics: Bank, Customer relationship management, Inflation Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: February 1, 2013
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* Crm By Icici Bank
of user charges and increased public expenditure on infrastructure. 45 ICICI Bank The average annual rate of inflation in terms of the Wholesale Price Index... Premium
* Crm At Icici Bank
issues 24. Case study: ICICI banks CRM initiatives 25. Conclusions INTRODUCTION Customer relationship management (CRM) is a broadly recognized, widely... Premium
* Crm At Icici Bank
up-selling. Read More: Customer Relationship Management in the Banking Sector ICICI Banks CRM Initiatives ICICI Bank has to manage more than 13 million customers... Premium
* Project Report On Marketing Plan Of Bank Of Baroda
Project Report on Marketing Plan of Bank of Baroda [pic] Bank Profile Bank of Baroda is the third largest bank in India, after the State Bank of India... Premium
* Comparison Of Icici Bank And Hdfc Bank
Project Report Strategic Analysis of ICICI Bank and its comparison with HDFC Bank 1|Page Contents Profile of the banks.3 Financial Analysis of the two... Premium
* Crm In Icici
which resulted in quicker analysis and timely reporting. Gurnam Saini, Assistant General Manager, ICICI Bank CRM at ICICI Bank involves increased communication... Premium
* Icici Bank
Saraswat(48) Mahesh Jaju(49) Objective The project is comprehensive analysis of ICICI bank, its business segments, and competitors. It analyzes the business... Premium
* Icici Bank Annual Report-Fy 2010
16th Annual Report and Accounts 2009-2010 khayaal aapka Over the past decade ICICI Bank has redefined the banking landscape. Through a deep understanding of... Premium
* Project Report On Icici Pru
A PROJECT REPORT ON An analysis of Indian insurance industry with special reference to ICICI PRUDENTIAL [pic] PRESENTED BY Prem Prasad Maharana... Premium
* Project Report On...
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