Topics: Insect, Arthropod, Wasp Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: September 10, 2013
By Sami Missing

The wasp, or Vespula Vulgaris, as it is known scientifically, is an insect. It’s color is black and yellow; it has a length of one-half inches and a wing span of 0.0079 inches. As all insects, the wasp has bilateral symmetry, an exoskeleton, two eyes, six legs, and three body parts. It has two antenna and 2 wings. The wasp is part of the Animalia Kingdom, Arthropoda Phylum & Insecta Class. The life cycle of a wasp begins with an egg and ends sometime between 12 days and 12 months later as an adult wasp. The queen wasp lays eggs into the cell of the nest. Each egg will hatch in its own cell becoming larva, or legless grubs. In the early spring, the queen will care for the larva and after the first group becomes adults these workers (aka drones) will be care for the new larva. A nest in late Summer will have between 250 and 13,000 adult wasps. Queen wasps build their own nest, they do not reuse an old one. Wasps deal with the four bare necessities in the following ways. They utilize the air by using the air to fly through. They building their nests in a warm, sunny spots, as well as attics, house roofs, eaves and walls. One species of wasps build their nest hanging from shrubs and trees, fences, walls, and eaves of houses. Wasps eat invertebrates like spiders, caterpillars, ants and bees as well as excess sap from other insects called honeydew. Wasp prefer sugar water, but can be found near most ponds. An on-line article, Entomologists Train Insects to Act Like Sniffing Dogs states: “If rewarded with sugary water, wasps can be trained in minutes to follow specific smells. The olfactory sensors in their antennae can sense chemicals in the air in concentrations as tiny as a few parts per billion. Wasps could be cost-effective helpers in searching for explosives, toxic chemicals, and even fungi on crops.” I find this interesting and pretty cool. I do worry that they will replace dogs, but having a bigger population...
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