Washington Dc

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Washington, DC

The clear, blue sky was the perfect backdrop for a normal day in Washington D.C. Crowded pavements surround every skyscraper filled with the hustle and bustle of people hurrying on their way. The air is alive with talking, freshly cooked food from stores and carbon monoxide produced by the masses of cars trucks and taxis in the crammed streets. Car horns and the other city noises prevent people from sleeping in the many apartment blocks that sit on the way to downtown DC. I drink in the beauty of it all, trying to figure out where I am going to go first. I slowly start to let my feet go in where ever it leads me. Families stroll along the mall, little kids tugging on their parents' arms as they rush to the Smithsonian Museums. Everything is alive here.

So much greenery in the area, like a oasis in the blistering desert. Jiggers gently were in and out of obstacles such as people dawdling and inanimate objects. From above, the winding sky leading back to the electricity of the city beyond.

At night , the animal and insects comes alive on another level as the thousands of tiny stars on the high buildings sparkling like diamonds. The downtown area full of neon signs and giant billboards illuminate the streets full of bars and clubs. This really is the city that is filled with power and powerful people. Cars and trucks will be cruising down and hitting the highway for some late night food. Some will go to the special events that always happen in the city.

In Christmas, there will be a tree as tall as a Niagara Falls. In that tree there are hundreds of sparkling light and fun decorations. Some decorations have stars, hearts, and many more. Whatever you can name, it will be there on the Christmas tree. Since Christmas is in December, it will be blustery cold, people will head down the street and get some hot chocolate with tiny/huge marshmallow. When there is just a little warning of snow, huge groups of cars will go to the store and get...
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