Wash Your Hands

Topics: Hygiene, Towel, Finger Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: November 27, 2008
According to the CDC, frequent hand washing is the single most important procedure for reducing the transmission of potentially infectious agents.
Hand washing, this process should be practiced by everyone. I learned the proper way to wash my hands in nursing school. Hands should be washed frequently, during the day. Hands should be washed after using the restroom. I want everyone to know the proper way to wash their hands as it will cut down on the spread of colds and other viruses. I.Before washing your hands remove the rings from your fingers to facilitate thorough cleansing and drying. If your watch has an expandable band, slide it above your wrist. Adjust the water to a warm temperature, and rinse your hands. II.Lather your hands thoroughly. Remember that it is the friction from rubbing your hands together that removes potentially infectious organisms from the skin. A 10-second vigorous hand washing will adequately remove most germs. III.Wash each wrist by vigorously sliding opposite hand around its surface area. Interlace your fingers and thumbs and slide the back and forth. Clean under your nails and around the nail beds with the fingertips and nails of the opposite hand. Thoroughly rinse from the wrist down. If your hands were grossly soiled, repeat the hand washing process. Dry your hands with a disposable paper towels. IV.To protect your hands from contaminated surface of the faucet handle, turn off the faucet by placing a dry section of your used paper towel over the handle.

If all individuals would follow this procedure most of the time, the transmission of illnesses would be greatly reduced. So remember wash your hands.
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