Was Was the Discovery of 'Magic Bullets' a Turning Point in Medicine?

Topics: Paul Ehrlich, Disease, World War II Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Why was the discovery of ‘magic bullets’ a turning point in medicine?

A magic bullet is a chemical drug that kills germs of a specific disease without harming the rest of the body. In the 1890’s, the first several compounds of magic bullets discovered (used to treat syphilis, malaria and sleeping sickness) can be described to be a turning point in medicine; this is because the magic bullets began the breakthrough to cure disease, instead of preventing the disease with vaccinations and inoculations. The factors that contributed to this breakthrough to occur can be pinpointed down to World War 2, the development in science and technology and individuals.

One factor which contributed as to why the discovery of magic bullets was a turning point in medicine was because of their effects on the patients in World War 2. The demand for new medicine to be developed because of the war was large; this meant that the American government was more open into co-operating with more medical industries. This led to the mass production of penicillin. As a result, the discovery of this magic bullet meant that it was able to treat all the wounded soldiers in the Allied Forces and return them home safely; this could not be achieved in the past, which is why the discovery of the magic bullet was a turning point in medicine.

Another reason which contributed as to why the discovery of the magic bullets was a turning point in medicine was because of science and technology. Science and technology was able to develop further to discover different types of diseases to find out ways to cure the diseases. Taking Gerhard Domagk as an example, he produced a magic bullet by testing newly developed dyes for their possible effects against various infections; that fact that the dyes had been available meant that a magic bullet could be more easily produced which meant that it could cure more diseases. As a result, this meant that the discovery of magic bullets was a turning point because...
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