Was violence the most important factor in hitlers rise to power

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Party, Nazism Pages: 3 (1203 words) Published: January 26, 2014
‘Violence was the most important of means by which Hitler gained complete power in Germany between 1930 and 1934’. To what extent go you agree with this judgement? Hitler gained power through many means but a debate between most historians is which of these means were the most effective in Hitler’s rise to complete power in Germany. In this essay, I will discuss as to whether violence was the most important factor or whether other factors like propaganda, charismatic speaking, luck or influence of business were more important factors in Hilter’s rise to power. Violence is considered by many as the most important factor in Hilter’s gain of complete power in Germany as without Hitler’s SA and SS he would not have been able to control voters and the German population as he did. The SA was vital in the expansion of the Nazi party as without their intimidation and retaliatory force against communist and general members of other parties it would have been much harder to seize power as the Nazis did. But also it would have been much harder to gain votes for the Nazi party without the constant pressure from the SA on the population. The SA also were involved in key events like the Munich Putsch which was a failure but Hitler did gain the public attention that he wanted in the trial to publicise his policies. He also used the trial to interrogate the Weimar Republic and democracy. The SS were more personal to Hitler and the members were considered the perfect German men (Aryan). The SS were the bodyguards of the party and policed the membership of the Nazi party so they were not as influential as the SA. The fear that violence put in the German people kept them quiet so they did not vote for other parties. Another factor is Propaganda and this finally made the Nazis look like a group that should be taken seriously. Josef Goebbels was in charge of propaganda and made the party appealing to the masses. This was a very important factor as it made people not only vote for...
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