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Was Tom Robinsons Trial Fair

By kennerd123 Jan 04, 2011 460 Words
In the book To Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee African American Tom Robinson in 1930's society was accused or raping Mayella Ewell. This trial was a complete and utter failure, the jury was full of prejudice people. Only one person testified that he saw the act and that was by unreliable Bob Ewell Mayella's father and proof that Tom was innocent yet he was still found guilty.

“His left arm was fully 12 inches shorter than his right, and hung dead at his side. It ended in a small shriveled hand, and from as far away as the balcony I could see that it was no use to him. ”Scout” breathed jem. 'scout, look! Reverend, he's crippled!'”(pg186) This quote shows his innocence because Mayella testified that Tom had punched her with his left fist to her right eye, but he clearly couldn't have: because his whole arm was crippled! Tom Robinson said in his testimony, “She reached up and kissed me on the side of my face. She says she never kissed a grown man before and she might as well kissed a nigger. She says 'kiss me back nigger.' I say miss Mayella lemme outa here and I tried to run but she got her back to the door and I'd had to push her. I didn't wanta harm her Mr. Finch and I say lemme pass, but just when I say it Mr. Ewell yonder hollered though the window.” This shows that Tom wanted to leave Ewell's house but Mayella did not allow Tom to do so. It also shows that tom had no intention of doing anything sexual nor wrong with Mayella. In addition it exhibits Mayella as a deceitful person. Which should furthermore Tom Robinson's innocence.

In the story Tom Robinson explains the events that happened on the day of the supposed rape with the most details he can, and there were no holes in his story that might suggest he is lying, and if he were lying it would make him a really good one. And we all know only the wise can make such lies were there is no flaw in them: and not to be rude but Tom was not all that wise. For he did not have much of an education. He was a hard working honest family man.

All in all Tom Robinson was still found guilty when he was clearly innocent of the accusation of raping Mayella Ewell. Tom Robinson's verdict was a total let down. The verdict was given on the fact that he was an African American being trialed in a court with a prejudice jury. This just shows how deeply flawed the judicial system was.

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