Was the New Poor Law Successful?

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Was the New Poor Law successful?

There were many advantages of the New Poor Law, including a decrease in cost of poor relief, Education for children who lived within poor families and more able-bodied poor people working for their money.

The Decrease in cost of poor relief meant that less people were willing to claim poor relief, as it was a lot less glamorous than it used to be. Less money was spent on the quality of food and housing within the workhouses, which meant that people held it in dread and didn't want to have to go there. The diet within the workhouses was worse than anything that was available outside, and the work was very demanding and challenging, with many people often sustaining injuries due to such laborious tasks. This all put people off the idea of wanting to go to the workhouses, and made them try hard to find jobs, and work as well as possible to get the amount of money needed to sustain a family.

The moral of the poor became much better as well. People were swiftly becoming good workers and were more willing to behave better. This meant they wouldn't spend the night drinking in taverns, blowing their cash which was desperately needed for food (especially when the corn prices rose).

For people who did have to enter the workhouses, there were still some advantages. They would be treated if they were ill, and the children would learn literature and maths. They were also taught a trade (i.e. Carpentry, stonemasonry etc).

There were, however, many failures when it came to the new poor law. These included rioting and opposition from the poor.
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