Was the American Revolution Inevitable

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Was the American Revolution Inevitable?
During the French and Indian War, the British defeated the French and became the national masters of the region of eastern and northern part of North America. However, the war was expensive toward the economy which resulted in the British becoming in debt. As a result, of the
French and Indian War, the British expected the colonist to pay for defense and they passed a series of laws which were to help regulate the colonies under British control but eventually the colonist will be angry with laws. Even though the American Revolution was imposed because of undisputed land in North America to be claim neither for France or Britain it would eventually happen because of Britain was increasing the economic, social and political differences between the colonists and Great Britain

A primary cause of the colonists ‘desire for independence was the frustration of overbearing taxes and economic control over the colonies. The British operated the colonist under mercantilism which is aimed at self-reliance and strengthening the national economy by accumulating revenue, gaining colonies, and establishing a favorable balance of trade. The economic system mercantilism ultimately leads to the the colonies losing profits to the British as they taxed the colonies. In addition, the British passed the Navigation Act that required the colonist to primarily trade with the British. As a result, the colonists resented the action of the
British, which leads to conflict between the British and the colonist. Throughout history, the
British believed that the British policy of salutary neglect was important for British to enforce in order to bring net profits into the mother-country.

After the French and the Indian War, the British debt forced salutary neglect to come to an end in
1763 also the Proclamation of 1763 occurred which alleviated relations with native after the war.
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