Was Suleiman Considered a Good Ruler?

Topics: Ottoman Empire, Islam, Caliphate Pages: 2 (818 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Suleiman was considered the most significant ruler in the world, by both Muslims and Europeans. His military empire expanded greatly to the east and west. In Constantinople, he embarked on many cultural and architectural projects. While he was a brilliant military strategist and politician, he was also good with arts. Suleiman's poetry is among the best poetry in Islam. He sponsored an army of artists, religious thinkers, and philosophers that overthrew the most educated courts of Europe. In Islamic history, Suleiman is considered the perfect Islamic ruler in history. Suleiman, named after Solomon, is referred to in Islamic history as the second Solomon. The reign of Suleiman in Ottoman and Islamic history is considered the period of greatest justice and harmony in any Islamic state The Europeans called him "The Magnificent," but the Ottomans called him Kanuni, or "The Lawgiver." He became sultan in 1520. He was the son of Selim the terrible. He was different from his father because fear no longer existed. He tolerated people with other religions, and believed that you should be allowed to worship the same god in many ways. He fell deeply in love with Roxalana, and later married her. Suleiman had 5 sons, one of them being Mustapha. Mustapha’s only fault was that he had the wrong mother. Suleiman was told that Mustapha was plotting with the Persians to overthrow him. Due to this, Suleiman had his assassins kill him. Suleiman was considered a great ruler when he was young, but they weren’t sure as he got older. They felt like he was too much of a push over. He declared royalty from all of his subjects, and all slaves wielded power in the sultan’s name. Suleiman's closest advisor was Ibrahim. Ibrahim later became his grand vizier. Marrying Roxalana was definitely a mistake for Suleiman. He was too in love with her and she played with his head. That is why his problems have been said to have lied in his household. She eventually even became his most trusted...
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