Was Lord Liverpool a Good Prime Minister

Topics: Tax, Cabinet, Westminster system Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: October 13, 2008
As with most prime ministers, lord Liverpool succeeded in some areas and had failures in others. His term in power can be spilt into two phases, his response to already existing problems which many characterise as repressive and the second his reforms which in the end had to come though to truly deal with some of Britons problems. The problems he faced were post war unrest, long term economic and social problems, radical threat and political reform. Lord Liverpool himself seems like a good candidate for prime minister he held good characteristics of a prime minister in that he was a good speaker and held a good sense of judgement. No only this but he had great experience having previously been foreign sectary and sectary for war. He was also highly respected by many of his colleges giving him a good position within government and a good start to his term. However he did have problems that hence his name he was a lord meaning he was not allowed in the house of commons and to discuss issues with the electrets and relying on over ministers in his cabinet. Governments at the time also had extremely limited resources at this time, with 8% of GDP and little power over public services. Overall lord Liverpool himself was a good prime minister in his skills and would have had more success haven given more resources however some of his decision making could be criticised as elitist or just not the best decision. Post war unrest was one of the main reasons why Liverpool had to take a repressive approach to the problems that the end of the war with it. A sudden demobilisation of around 300,000 soldiers was blow for the already rising unemployment and with so many unable to find work many were angered by the situation. The war had also caused massive debt and to deal with this there was cuts in the civil service, a rise of indirect taxes and the abolition of income tax which lord Liverpool himself was opposed to. These actions however seemed to make the situation worst...
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