Was king henry an innovator?

Topics: Henry VIII of England, Henry VII of England, Catherine of Aragon Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: October 16, 2014
Was King Henry VII an Innovator?

Henry the VII was born on the 28th of January 1457 and had a very interesting life. He became king in the well-known Battle of Bosworth where he killed the king at that time, who was Richard III with the assistance of the Stanley brothers. At that point in history, England was a very weak culturally, economically and militarily. England was also torn in half for years by a civil war which is also known as the Wars of the Roses. This meant that king Henry VII had not only inherited the crown but several major problems, which Henry intended to solve these issues. Some of these problems were that the British Isles needed unification, as both Ireland and Scotland were both hostile and separate, or the English just didn’t have control over them. Another problem was the military development. The army Henry inherited with his crown relied on the bow, while other nations were moving on to fire arms. Above all else, though, King Henry VII planned to create a new dynasty; the Tudor dynasty. He went about solving these issues in a very clever and unique style which proved to be effective. Some believed, though, that Henry merely adopted these ideas from previous monarchs and it just proved more effective in his rule. That’s why there is not an agreement on whether or not King Henry was an innovator.

Some historians argue that King Henry the VII was an innovator, and have many arguments to support them. Most, if not all, of these arguments revolved around three main areas which were finance, foreign policies and his relationship with the nobles. On the first area, Henry held money very close to his heart. He had adopted Edward IV’s use of the chamber (which can also show that he wasn’t an innovator) but had ended up creating more than 3 times the revenue that Edward had made, which was due partly to the fact that Henry supervised his accounts more closely than Edward. Henry also didn’t spoil his family. He was assisted greatly by...
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