Was Dunkirk ‘A Miracle’ or ‘A Disaster’?

Topics: World War II, Prime minister, Soldier Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: October 1, 2013
Was Dunkirk ‘A Miracle’ or ‘A Disaster’?

In this following essay I will be discussing the different views and military tactics used for evacuating both French and English soldiers from Dunkirk. I hope to show both positive and negative views using sources and other sorts of information such as, newspaper articles and speeches. By using these I can portray a comparison in which is fair for both opinions but also that each source is reliable so both sides of the argument will be compared reasonably. I will be explaining in tremendous detail and also adding a conclusion about my opinion on this World War 2 mystery. Dunkirk was called an amazing military exploit by many people, in this paragraph I will be presenting the positive aspects of the evacuation at Dunkirk. Source A, Movietone news June 1940. This news film was shown in cinemas throughout Britain. It describes how British and French soldiers were rescued at Dunkirk. This source is very positive towards the evacuation; it uses phrases and information about Dunkirk to make the audience describe it as a positive military tactic. One of the phrases used was amazing military exploit; this phrase compliments the British’s military tactics and compliments the army as well as the Prime Minister. They also used refreshing this infers that they were all fed properly and the food was in fact quite pleasant. As well as that they also used epic this phrase enlarges the success of the evacuation from Dunkirk and how life changing it was to so many soldiers and there families. In addition to that they had also called the French and British troops gallant this showed how brave they were in a situation which put there lives in danger. The final phrase which I will explain is dramatic, this word was used to make the whole situation seem very large and also a occurrence that would stay in history forever. As well as phrases information of the day was also used to describe how great the evacuation was conducted. The first...
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