Was America Founded on Christian Principles

Was America Founded on Christian Principles?

Mark Weldon Whitten (1999) refutes that the United States and our fore fathers founded this nation as a Christian nation. Whitten (1999) says there are seven main points that make him believe America was not founded on Christian principles: 1.No prayers or divine guidance or approval, were offered during the Constitutional Convention of 1787. 2.The Constitution makes no appeals to religious authorities, rationales, or purposes. The Constitution is a "Godless document" 3.The only mention of religion in the Constitution prohibits any religious tests from holding political office. 4.The Federalist Papers—Written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay to ‘sell' the new Constitution to the American people—also made no appeal to religious authorities, rationales, or purposes to legitimize the Constitution. 5.Madison was the driving force behind the creation and adoption of the Bill of Rights. Madison practiced a quite strict separation of church and state. Religion and government will both exist in greater purity, less they are mixed together. 6.Debate of the First Amendment disallows non-preferential aid to religion in general not aid to Christian denominations. 7.The text of the First Amendment itself refutes the idea that it does not embody the principle of church-state separation.

Summit Ministries (2000) offers encouraging arguments. They state that it is believed that our American founders, the ones that fought the American Revolution and wrote the U.S. Constitution acted on the assumption that America was and would continue to be a predominantly Christian country (Summit Ministries, 2000). In today's upbringing, there is a world wind of confusion. The opinionated meaning of the Constitution has banished religion in America. America must choose to acknowledge God as the supreme authority (Summit Ministries, 2000). Biblical Christian principles are the only way to solve real...

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