Warsaw Pact

Topics: Cold War, World War II, East Germany Pages: 2 (319 words) Published: April 23, 2013
- This is American Foreign policy from 1947-1989
- Created by George Keenan (US Diplomat)
- Containment: the United States will stop Communism wherever it tries to spread

Truman Doctrine:
- The nations of Greece and Turkey are in big trouble
- Financial crisis and communist infiltrators
- Soviet Common Term:
- Drum up support for Communist activities
- Formulate revolutions
- March 12, 1947: Truman asks Congress for $400 million dollars in economic aid for Greece and Turkey
- It works!
- Turkey and Greece now love the USA

The Marshall Plan:
- Secretary of State George Marshall
- 1947: Visits Europe!
- Still devastated from the war
- Vulnerable to the USSR
- European meeting
- 16 nations ask for 14.5 billion dollars over 4 years
- Why do we give it to them??
- Stop Communism
- It helps the American economy
- Pro-USA Propaganda
- Helps our military capability

- We don't destroy them and rub it in their face

NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization
- Peacetime alliance:
- Canada
- Great Britain
- Iceland
- Western Europe
- A mutual defense treaty in which an attack on one NATO nation is an attack on all NATO nations

USSR counters with the "Warsaw Pact"
- A mutual defense treaty in which an attack on one Warsaw Pact nation is an attack on all Warsaw Pact nations
- USSR and Eastern Europe

Eastern Germany (GDR)
- Easter Berlin
- The USA West part of Berlin is an island of democracy in a sea of communism Western Germany (Federal Republic of Germany)
- Bonn

So many people try to escape from East Berlin to West Berlin that the Soviets are embarrassed
- They cut off West Berlin from the rest of the world
- Attempt to starve it to death to get rid of it
- Berlin Airlift: NATO nations fly in aid
- We do this just to prove a...
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