Warriors Don't Cry

Topics: Black people, Little Rock Nine, White people Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: May 6, 2013
The definition of a warrior is someone who is brave and experienced as a soldier or fighter. A warrior is someone who battles with whatever situation they happen to be in. Traits that warriors have are determination, leaders, & be brave. I believe that Melba and the rest of little rock nine were warriors because no matter what happened through the day they never gave up and always fought back. They fought back without creating more problems. They stood up to the whites only to stand their ground and make them know that it’s not okay to treat people like they were nothing.

" I was beginning to resign myself to the fact that white people were definitely in charge, and there was nothing we could do about it." (pg 10), This explains that when they first transferred to a all white school they felt as if the whites weren’t going to see why the blacked decided to come here. "It felt as though we always had a white foot pressed against the back of our necks. I was feeling more and more vulnerable as I watched them continually struggle to solve the mystery of what white folks expected out of them." (pg 7), this quote explains that whatever they did the whites was always there to downgrade them and hurt them as much as they could. "But I have no choice if we're gonna stay in Little Rock, I said. I couldn't stop hoping that integrating Central High School was the first step to making Little Rock just like Cincinnati, Ohio." (pg 32), This quote means Mabela felt there wasn’t any hope in trying to see through being in school with colored involved. "Did you think we were gonna let ******* use our toilets? We'll burn you alive, girl, a voice shouted through the door. There won't be enough of you left to worry about." (pg 119), This quotes states what young girl said to a black girl cause she tried to mind her own business and go to the bathroom. "By the time we arrived home from Cincinnati, my life was already upside down. I was living with one concern-preparing to take...
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