warrior gene

Topics: Psychology, Genetics, Gene Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: May 28, 2014
Gomez, olivia
Psychology 5
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The Warrior Gene
Are people born to be violent? That was one of the questions on the video leading to the Warrior Gene. The warrior gene indicates that some individuals are born with the war gene. Henry Rowland was born in Washington D.C. when his parents divorced at an early age. The separation between his parents caused him to develop anxiety. Rowland expresses in the video that he often thinks to himself why he is the way he is always filled with fury. Rowland goes on a mission to look for some answers that might explain if his fury might contribute to the warrior gene. Henry met a diverse group of people so they can be all tested for the warrior gene. Most of the people tested come from violent backgrounds. Are humans shaped by the environment or genes? Everything is created by the environment we grow up and the gene might not always be accurate. Although, the video indicates that the gene portrays in our behavior. As a child Rowland got bullied at school by a group of kids which he feared, turning his fear to anger leading to violence. Rowland interviewed ex gang bangers, bikers, entrepreneur, and mix martial arts men to take the warrior gene test. The video explains, gene that serotonin is associated with feeling good and when released if not broken down after being released, a good mood can quickly turn bad. Dr. Burnner theorized genes plays an important part in shaping human behavior. In addition, the warrior gene is found in x chromosome which men have one copy and women have two that may counteract the effect of the mutation. If MAOG is unable to control serotonin levels it’s at higher risk of having abnormal behaviors at a point in life. When many of the groups tested for the warrior gene got their results back, many got a big surprise because many believed they had warrior gene, but did not have it. When Rowland finds out he does not have warrior he looks disappointed about the news because he was...
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