Warren Pryor by Alden Nowlan

Topics: Poetry, Stanza, Metropolitana di Napoli Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: January 20, 2010
ContextWarren Pryor was one of Alden Nowlan's early poems, he wrote it when he was first starting out. Warren Pryor could be a reflection of how Aldne Nowlan wished to have lived his life or maybe how he planned to liev his life out. He wanted to become sucessful and well known, like his counter-part in the story, but he knew that no matter what he did in life, his family would always be a big part of it, and control the vast majority of it.

DicitonAlden Nowlan choose to write this poem in a very descriptive yet pompous way. In describing a simple farm family, he used words and expressions in a way that signified his aversion to their situation, but further along in the poem is word choice flows as if though he feels he has enlightened the reader with his brillantness, and wants to dazzle them with is use of figurative language.

Imagery and SymbolismThis poem invokes a lot of imagery, such as sharpenend pencil,-Stanza 1, line 1- a farm with long rolling fields -Stanza 1, line 3-, a graduate recieving his diploma -Stanza 2, lines 2&3-, very proud parents -Stanza 2, line 1-, a passport -Stanza 2, line 3-, the movies "Holes" -Stanza 2, lines 3&4-, pouring a cup of tea and it overflowing -Stanza 3, line 1-, glass of milk -Stanza 3, line 2-, jeans -Stanza 3, line 3-, rosebushes -Stanza 3, line 4-, a rock -Stanza 4, line 2-, a circus bear trapped in a cage -Stanza 4, line 2-, hands holding an axe -Stanza 4, line 3-, a stack of money -Stanza 4, line 3-, and an empty bottle about to explode -Stanza 4, line 4-.

This poem also contains several symbols, such as a pencil for sacrifice -Stanza 1, line 1-, a graduation scroll to represent his escape from his family's way of life -Stanza 2, lines 2, 3, & 4-, the bank to show that family's pride and narrowmindedness toward how the son's life should play out -Stanza 3, line 1-, clothing to represent his social status -Stanza 3, lines 2 & 3-, and a bear to represent the you man's feelings about his mother and father, and...

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