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-based on Brzezinski and Friedrich’s elements of totalitarianism -Present a non-coldwarish history
-Source indicate at the bottom of page
-“paranoia” means fearing without something real to fear -USING TH E OFFICIAL MARXIST IDEOLOGY AND THE CRITICAL MARXIST THEORY IN ANALYSIS --applying the dialectical theory, even though communist na ang society, many are still against (antithesis) nay mga nagsabotage and they are subject to state coercion. MODERNIZATION THEORY AND CHANGES THAT HAPPENED. Use Human Dev’t. indicators

Try to see if there are differences in terms of collectivization of the farms (Russia & China) Russia- landlords are no longer the owners of the land, it is the whole community that owns it What are the policies implemented para isulong ang isang socialista na bansa?

Definition of Terms
Labor force - comprises people ages 15 and older who meet the International Labour Organization definition of the economically active population: all people who supply labor for the production of goods and services during a specified period. It includes both the employed and the unemployed.

Globalization has brought both major benefits and significant problems. (Svejnar &Kanbur, 2012) The liberalization and integration into the global economic system of previously semiautarkic economies have created beneficial economies of scale, spurred innovation, and lifted tens of millions of people out of abject poverty. Yet, the global economy has become less stable as uncertainty has increased and new, powerful states have emerged, global private actors have grown in importance, and flows of goods, capital, and labor have increased. The global economy has also become less equitable and sustainable as income and wealth distributions have widened, and issues such as climate change, trade policies, and design of international institutions have gained in importance. The financial crisis of 2008, with its...
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