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Marketing Plan
All glory and honor is for Allah, the Supreme Being who bestowed profound perseverance and ability on us to accomplish this work. We express our profound and cordial gratitude to offer thanks to our learned, kind and experienced teacher, Mr. Ahmad Qamar for his valuable guidance, constructive comments and continuous encouragement through out the research. Grateful acknowledgement is due to Mr. Naveed Saeed GM Sales & Marketing & Miss Rubab of Warid Telecom for allowing us to carry out our research for the completion of this project.  

Special & Grateful acknowledgement goes to our parents who enable us to perform such activities. Table of contents
1. Executive summary
2. Warid Telecom
•An Introduction
3. Marketing Environment
•Social & Demographic trends
4. Target Market
•Consumer or Industrial
•Buying Characteristics
•Market Potential
5. Product Positioning
6. Product
•Stage of PLC
•Core/Augmented product
•Packaging and Labeling
•Warranties and Services
7. Distribution
•Market Coverage
•Channel Structure
•Logistics/Physical Distribution
8. Pricing
•Pricing Strategies
9. Promotion
•Role of Personal Selling
•Publicity and Public Relations
•Sales/Trade Promotion
10. Ethical issues associated with this product
11. International marketing activities/opportunities
12. Bibliography
Executive Summary
This report is based on WARID TELECOM which is a GSM service provider in Pakistan by Abu Dhabi Group. one of the largest groups in the Middle East and the single largest foreign investor group in Pakistan. Its services are admired by its ultimate customers in telecom as well as in banking field.  

This report is made by visiting different stores for the purpose of collecting the information about different aspects of the product i.e., environmental factors, marketing mix, segmentation, positioning, distribution, pricing strategies, ethical issues, international marketing strategies and comments of the group about this product. WARID TELECOM:

Warid is an Arabic word meaning an Oasis in the middle of a desert. It is pronounced as Waa-rid. The meaning of our name directly depicts our dominant position and our refreshing services in the vast desert of telecommunication in Pakistan. Browse through our Portal to find out more about what Warid Telecom is all about, and become part of the true quality experience that we offer you. Warid Telecom has implemented a new and modern corporate identity as a result of the dynamic changes taking place in the telecom industry in Pakistan. With a reflection of a new strategy, our aim is to be perceived not only as a telecommunication operator of voice services, but also as a universal provider of comprehensive communications services for both residential and business customers. Warid's corporate identity seeks to reflect the changes in telecom sector in relation to helping customers keep pace with rapidly changing technology in the field of communication, and to harmonize the customers' perception of our brand with the quality and range of our services. Our objective is to provide optimum level of support and care through our highly skilled and motivated team of professionals and through maximum network coverage and clear connectivity that we have committed to provide. MARKETING ENVIRONMENT

In present environment, Pakistan has gained growth rate of 18.6% with 18,400,233 subscribers in mobile communication with in 05 years from 2000 to 2005  
Competition is there, mainly 06 companies are providing there cellular services in Pakistan (close competitors to one and other) 1. Warid
2. U-fone
3. Mobilink
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