Warehousing and Material Management

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LGT 3107 Warehousing and materials management


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1. Company Background – SC STORAGE
2. SWOT Analysis
3.1. Strengths
3.2. Weaknesses
3.3. Opportunities
3.4. Threats
3. Current Practices
4.5. Customer order and service management
4.6.1. Problems and Recommendations
Problem 1 - higher operating costs
Recommendation 1 – Centralize the services provided
Problem 2 - causes inconvenience to other tenants
Recommendation 2 –different durations of the contract
Recommendation 3 –better control on the exchange of the size of the storage unit Problem 3 - messy accounting management
Recommendation 4 - establish a better control and monitoring system 4.6. Packaging
4.7.2. Problems and Recommendations
Problem 1 - providing sole sized boxes
Recommendation 1 - provide boxes with different sizes
Problem 2 - lack of effective labeling
Recommendation 2: introduce advanced labeling
4.7. Transportation services and management
4.8.3. Problems and Recommendations
Problem 1 - routing
Recommendation 1 - adopting shortest-route method
Problem 2 - lack of trucks and other modes of transportation Recommendation 2 - using strategic alliance
4.8. Warehousing management
4.9.4. Improvements
Improvement for bicycle storage
Improvement for red wine storage
Improvement for storage for exhibition
Improvement for locker
4. Monitoring Methods
5. References

1. Company Background – SC STORAGE

Hong Kong is a country that has a very high population density. This leads to problem of insufficient spaces especially for storage. Founded in the year of 2001, both SC Logistics and SC Storage are Hong Kong’s leading low cost mini storage operators. Over the years of operation, continue growth in the number of mini storage units and services can be seen. Reaching the 10th years in serving different customers needs, SC Storage now has over 6000 mini storage rooms in 22 convenient locations around Hong Kong. The main services provided are different sizes of storage spaces based on customers’ requirements. The aim of SC Storage is to offer low prices of storage space and efficiently maximize the usage of limited given storage spaces. Recently, SC Storage widens their range of services by adding “Cold Storage” and “Bicycle Storage” into the list of services, serving more and more sectors of customers and tailored to their needs. Besides, SC storage is gradually expanding so as to provide a clean and low cost storage throughout Hong Kong and hopefully beyond.

2. SWOT Analysis
The SWOT analysis aims to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of organizations in doing their businesses. It helps to identify the internal (S and W) and external (O and T) factors that will affect the organization performances, including favorable (S and O) and unfavorable (W and T) factors to achieve a particular project/strategy/objective. 3.1. Strengths

Since SC Storage has over 6000 mini storage rooms over 19 places in Hong Kong ,one in Lok Ma Chau and one in Macau, it becomes the biggest and the 2nd biggest self-storage provider in Hong Kong and Asia respectively. Due to that, the company can obtain high market share in the storage services industry. Also, SC storage won numerous awards and certificates during 2006 to 2009, including “Caring Company Award”, “Self Storage Association of Australasia” and “Innovative Entrepreneur Award”. These awards and certificates will raise the company’s reputation and customers’ trust and confidence. Moreover, SC storage is located in different districts in Hong Kong (Figure 1) with more than 19 areas. It is very convenient for different customers to store and take their own belongings and goods. Furthermore, its...

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